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Continuing Education Guidelines for all Licensees

Funeral directors, embalmers and pre-need salespeople must adapt to ever changing trends and business practices in funeral service.  The Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board has developed a continuing education program that reflects this reality and offers flexibility, opportunity and choice.  The Board realizes that all licensees must make a commitment to lifelong learning and to this end the Board has put forward the following guidelines for continuing education.

The AFSRB three-year continuing education requirement has two equally important parts:

  • Nine hours of self defined learning that gives licensees the opportunity to build and customize a personal program to address their individual needs, and
  • Three hours of Regulator defined learning that addresses specific challenges facing the funeral services profession.

Any program, course or activity that fits into one of the following five areas will be accepted by the Board provided it serves to support the career development of the licensee, offers benefit to the licensee as an employee of a funeral business, and contributes to the enhancement of consumer protection.

  • Communication
  • Care of the Deceased
  • Funeral Services and Visitation
  • Business Practice
  • Professional Development 

Suggested activities for consideration

  • Professional Development - attend a conference, seminar, workshop or lecture
  • Lead a workshop or seminar or teach a program
  • Complete an on-line course through a provincial or national association, education provider, or training and development organization
  • Engage in community work for a funeral professional association, board or volunteer organization

Remember to record completion of self-defined learning in the online portal and keep your continuing education up-to-date.


Why mandate continuing education?

Continuing education makes a positive difference in the eyes of the consumer.  It demonstrates to the public that funeral professionals are keeping up with changes related to their area of expertise, i.e. new developments, new technology, new approaches.  There is power in life-long learning. 

Every licensee is required to complete both the 9 hours of Self Defined Learning and the 3 hours of Regulator Defined Learning every three years in order to maintain an active licence. 

How does the Board know if I have completed my continuing education requirement?

As a licensee it is your responsibility to maintain professional competence.  Self regulation is a privilege.  To confirm participation and completion of continuing education requirements each licensee is required to maintain a record of the continuing education they have completed.  The licensee must enter completed continuing education courses in the online portal for licence renewal.   In addition, the AFSRB Inspector will conduct spot checks for continuing education completion.

All licensees are reminded that signing a false or misleading statement that the licensee knows or ought to know is false, misleading or otherwise improper, may be considered professional misconduct.

Does my continuing education activity have to be approved by the AFSRB?

No. Continuing education activities do not have to be approved by the AFSRB.

When is the deadline for completion of continuing education?

All continuing education requirements must be completed by March 31, 2022 and every three year period after that date.

As a new licensee am I required to complete continuing education requirements?

Yes. All new licensees are required to complete continuing education requirements.

Who do I contact if I have questions about continuing education?

If you have questions about continuing education call the AFSRB at 1 800 563 4652 or