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What Kind of Farewell Service?

Funeral services may be simple or lavish, private or public. They may be held in a church, a funeral chapel or a family home. The costs vary. There are two basic types of service:

  • A traditional funeral service with the deceased present
  • A memorial service where the deceased is not present

Traditional funeral service

A traditional funeral involves a service in a church or funeral chapel, with the deceased present, followed by burial or cremation. The average cost of such a funeral in Alberta is about $4,500 (source: Alberta Funeral Service Association).

The average price usually includes:

  • removing the deceased to the funeral home
  • using funeral home facilities
  • embalming and cosmetic application
  • the casket
  • using a funeral coach for transportation to the cemetery or crematorium
  • arranging religious services
  • registering the death and obtaining the Burial Permit
  • preparing and placing newspaper obituary notices
  • arranging for flowers
  • funeral service folders and/or memorial booklet

Funeral directors are legally required to provide a written contract which must contain a detailed list of funeral goods and services provided and the costs for each.

There may be additional charges for cremation, cemetery fees, flowers, monuments and obituary costs.

Memorial service

A memorial service is held when the deceased is not present. For example, the deceased may have been buried immediately after death, cremated or donated for medical research prior to any service.

A memorial service is most often held within a few days or weeks of the death. Memorial services, like funeral services, can be large or small, and can be held in a church, funeral home chapel, hotel, private club or family home. Arrangements are usually simple. embalming, viewing and other services associated with a traditional funeral may be eliminated, reducing the cost.


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